January 12, 2003

All That's Fit To Blog

My friend Rob Christensen (that’s a plug for his PageRank) is getting his teeth sunk deeper into this blogging thing. Recent entries include his adoption of an RSS news reader/blog publishing tool, linking to an XPath parser for Flash, and a cool smattering of recent astronomy news. Moreover, his RSS feed now features complete entries and he’s hosting a blog for Mori Dinauer (another shameless plug) which is also worth a read.

Also worth more unabashed plugs are Jessyca Wallace and Brian Poulsen’s blogs. Jessyca’s new design and multitopic format are refreshingly distinctive while Brian’s recent CSS refinements have produced a sharp new structure.

All very nice. Keep it coming!

[Also: Sam Oh points out that his redesigned blog is now built with valid XHTML 1. He’s also got his RSS feed up and running. And, of course, Scott Yager is blogging again too. Yes, everyone is blogging these days.]

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