January 12, 2003

Even Typing Hurts

I spent today trying to do non-computer related activities. Tabitha hit the road this morning for a three-day conference and left to my own devices the norm is to plant myself in front of the computer and very happily wile away the hours reading, tinkering, learning, and blathering. Today we had none of that. Instead, football was watched, mold was 409ed, dishes were cleaned, trash was hauled out, pictures were hung, videos were returned, stubble was shaved, and the guitar was strummed.

I got a guitar for Christmas if I’ve been to embarrassed to share that with you already. Why should I be embarrassed to own a guitar? I guess I’m the last person I can imagine who would take an interest in owning or learning to play a guitar. But I have and thanks to Santa I now do. So there. I suspect, from my progress thus far, that it will take me approximately the rest of my life to become even remotely proficient with the instrument but what the hell. It’s fun.

Of course, tonight’s self-induced lesson has left me with achy fingertips. Goes with the territory I suppose. The lesson was made possible by OLGA. I learned how to read “tab” formatted music and even managed to struggle through a whole tune. It was a trainwreck but I’ll get it eventually. Just a matter of repetition and focus right? I’d definitely be interested in knowing if anyone has recommendations for other good websites with training materials. Thanks, and wish me luck. =-)