March 4, 2003

On This Day

Flash MX was announced one year ago today. I was living in a tiny little studio apartment in the heart of San Francisco, enjoying the city, missing my girlfriend terribly. The year before that I gleeked on the screen of my brand-new PowerBook G4. I was living in a relatively huge apartment in San Diego with Mr. Renslow, surviving after college, visiting my girlfriend often. And a year prior to that I wasn’t blogging as regularly but it was around the time I started my internship at I was living in a small, cheap apartment in the armpit of two major highways, working feverishly on my schoolwork and the Guardian and and Sun God Festival materials and the impending art show, girlfriends were not in the picture.

This year I am living in Berkeley, with my girlfriend, in an apartment which we’re becoming increasingly aware is too small for us. Work is busy (which I prefer). I’ve got a little less hair (but I’m substantially skinnier) than I was those previous years. Looking forward to the Spring and Summer months in this region of the state which I find far too chilly after being spoiled by the balmy southern weather for so long. That’s all for now. More next year. (And probably later today as well.) =-)