April 1, 2003

No Fooling

The fates seem determined to prevent me from accomplishing anything of substance this evening so I’ll kill the last few joules of energy bouncing around in my brain with a quick weblog entry. Already the neurons are beginning to congeal. I’ll have to make this quick. The weekend was spent in Santa Rosa. Highlights included hanging out with the family, resyncing the soundtrack on Nani’s Grand Canyon movie, visiting and hiking with Tabitha’s family, and doing a mountain of laundry. Low point: not being able to export Nani’s resynched movie to digital tape or DVD. This evening was spent in Berkeley. Highlights included shopping for groceries, chatting with Tabitha, and futzing with the computer. Low point: losing the hilarious little April Fools Day piece I was in the midst of writing when NetNewsWire crashed and took the entry with it into oblivion. Oh well.

If you happen to come across any truly excellent April Fools Day sites, please post them. (Good ole waferbaby, for example, has done quite a nice job with itself this year.) Thanks.