October 22, 2003

Panther and iBook G4s

My copy of Panther has shipped! Whoo-hoo! I’ve been in a weird state of operating system purgatory with the new machine. Too busy not to install and configure everything, too near the 10.3 release date to take the time to set everything up properly.

Also, these damn iBook G4s are making me think we’ll see PowerBook G5s at Macworld SF 2004. Grrr.

[Update: Okay, my copy of Mac OS X 10.3 left Rancho Cordova (88.6 miles from my house), traveled to Oakland (5.3 miles from my house), then went to Memphis (2085.3 miles from my house), and who knows where next. =-)]

[Arrived: Well it came back from Memphis (maybe it’s an Elvis fan?) and arrived this afternoon after briefly stopping over in Oakland and Emeryville. Unfortunately, now I’m in Santa Rosa and thus in no way able to upgrade. Soon though.]

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