October 28, 2003


Last Thursday night I went up to Santa Rosa to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. On Friday, my Mom had arranged for her, Nani and I to meet one of our semi-distant relatives. He happens to work at Skywalker Sound and very generously showed us around his offices and the rest of Skywalker Ranch. He’s had quite a career and it was great to learn about his work and wander around a bit. That night my family had a little party for me which was very nice. Then on Saturday I headed back to the Bay Area. Tabitha and I went into the city to just kinda cruise around and look for nice places to walk. We stumbled across a nice stretch of coastal paths on the western side of the peninsula which curved back to where the Golden Gate Bridge and the mouth of the bay could be seen. Later we watched the sunset, were attacked by tiny whirling bugs, and headed home. Sunday was all errands. All in all it was a great weekend to turn 27.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with happy birthday wishes. Much appreciated. =-)

To top it all off the weather was outstanding. You know though that when the weather in San Francisco is as warm and toasty as the usual San Diego weather, that San Diego must have gone up in flames. Such a tragic situation for those who lost their homes. As it is whenever this kind of thing happens.