November 18, 2003

Kottke Is Looting My Mind

He beat me to it but I swear I was planning on implementing at least two of the enhancements Kottke has recently made to his weblog. The first is the inclusion of his link blog inline with his general blog. I was so going to go that way. However, now that I’ve seen it in practice it makes me think it really wouldn’t have worked on my site. The iWalt weblog is defined by its series of entries, each with a title. If the links were placed inline with the entries it might seem like I was trying to relate them. Kottke’s implementation uses light rules (lines, not laws) to create a visual distinction but I wonder if it’s strong enough. It might help to group all of the types of items posted within a 24 hour time period under a single date header. I dunno.

The other thing (and this kills me, and Rob can attest to my scheming) is the inclusion of a blog of external comments. That is, comments Kottke has made on other sites. What I’m wondering is whether this system is automated. For example, this is the way I pitched my idea to Rob, “Here’s what I want: If I comment on someone else’s blog, I want their site to ping my weblog so people can see what I’m posting on other people’s sites.” I suspect Kottke is having to post these comments twice, once remotely and once locally.

In any case it’s great to see the format being pushed a bit. I may have to put some actual development where my mouth is and demonstrate some of the things I’ve been kicking around in my head before more ideas of mine start appearing on other people’s blogs. =-)

P.S. If it’s not clear, I’m being a smartass. Not actually trying to take any credit here.

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