November 24, 2003



Knock on aluminum, I have not had much trouble with my shiny new laptop. However, I have had no luck whatsoever upgrading the RAM in my 15-inch PowerBook G4. (Others have experienced a wide range of infuriating issues.) I recently sent back the second pair of upgrade chips provided by the reseller and last night I discovered that the Chip Merchant isn’t selling RAM for these machines because the brand they sell has been shown to be incompatible as well. All signs point to very poor support for third party RAM in these new machines to a degree seldom seen among Apple’s computers. This is, of course, quite frustrating to me. If anyone knows of a case where a 15-inch PowerBook G4 has been upgraded to 1GB of memory, please let me know. Any links to sites which deal with this issue would also be appreciated. Thanks.

[More: MacFixIt on bad RAM and replacement options.]