December 30, 2003


After getting back to Berkeley on Sunday, we transported massive quantities of stuff from the car to the apartment, were warmly received by the cat, put a few things away, and conked out. Monday we set off to San Francisco for some urban hiking. We were resolute in the face of heavy rain but by the time we’d crisscrossed our way as far as the Transamerica building, the cold and absolute sogginess had gotten to us. Back home it was still raining and we stopped on the way in to make sure the backyard wasn’t threatening to supersaturate. Once we’d dried out and warmed up a bit we decided it was time to stock up on food. We stepped out of the front door and into a full blown flood. The backyard was a lake. The corner of the living room was damp and getting worse. We called the landlady and moved the furniture. Fortunately, it stopped raining and we got the pump working again. The rain has caused numerous sewage, traffic, and flooding problems throughout the Bay Area. We’re hoping we’re through the worst of it for this season.

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