December 31, 2003

Two Thousand Three

As my little timezone creeps inevitably toward that spot it was in last year at this time, I am reminded of all the good times and friendly folk of the past three hundred and sixty five days…

Tabitha and I went to Paris for almost two weeks and soaked up all the hot weather, jaw-droppingly amazing museums, and inexpensive recognizable food we could find. In the new year we have our eyes on London and surrounding vicinities.

Nick and Rachelle and I swooped into Austin from the three corners of the country (sorry Southeast, you’re just not really a “corner”) for our first SXSW Interactive festival. The fajitas and “A-list” bloggers flowed like sweet wine from every direction. We will return in 2004.

We moved from our microscopic one bedroom shoe-box apartment into a palatial two bedroom mansion and rented-to-own a small, fuzzy, black cat who is both frightened of everything (especially the vacuum cleaner) and violently affectionate (especially with ramming her head into one’s chin).

The 15-inch Titanium PowerBook G4 was replaced with an 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4 which is the finest thing money can buy. It was recently joined by an old PowerMac G4 and a shiny new iPod. The three have all taken up residence on my desk and have become quite chummy.

I saw a bunch of movies, a read a bunch of books, worked, hiked, slept, ate, obsessed, procrastinated, spent too much time tinkering with this damned website, tried to be the best boyfriend, son, brother, friend, employee, nieghbor, complete stranger, and cat owner I could be.

All in all it was a great year. And 2004 appears to be shaping up quite well also. There is one more event that snuck in just at the end, but you’ll have to check back soon for the details on that one. Happy new year everyone. Onward!

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