January 16, 2004

iLife '04

It took seven minutes out of my commute to buy iLife ‘04 on the way into work this morning. I think I was the sixth person to buy a copy from the CompUSA in San Francisco. The guy in front of me in line? Also buying a copy.

[One weekend later: GarageBand is a lot of fun. I’m not a musician but I think everyone, musician or otherwise, should get their hands on this and goof around with it for 20 minutes. I’ll probably pick away at it slowly for a while, try to find a MIDI keyboard to hook into it, make a couple really cheesy tracks. I’m happy with the improvements made to iPhoto but I wish they’d gone a lot further considering it only gets updated once a year. I dumped my whole Powershot library into it though and I’m working on resurrecting my Mavica library. So far, pretty good.]

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