January 20, 2004

Wedding Attire

  • n: might i suggest the silver tie and suit rather than tuxedo?
  • w: Silver suit?
  • n: no
  • n: black suit
  • n: silver tie
  • w: Like I'm from the future?
  • n: white shirt
  • w: Ah.
  • n: while that would be cool...
  • w: How about Doc Brown's 2015 clothing?
  • n: "Like I'm from the future?" I just coughed with laughter at that.
  • w: Seriously though...
  • n: exactly what popped into my head
  • n: seriously: black suit, white shirt, silver tie
  • w: With the stainless steel sunglasses...
  • n: yeah, and OUTATIME on your wedding caravan
  • w: Hahahaha...
  • w: That's hilarious.
  • n: leave flames in the street
  • n: that would be badass
  • w: Hehehehehehehe...
  • w: Oh shit...
  • w: I have to do that.
  • n: a DeLorean with can and streamers and "Just Married" hanging from the Mr. Fusion
  • w: Exactly.
  • n: (wipes tear.)
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