February 11, 2004

Country Roads

In May of 2001 I flew to Providence, Road Island to meet up with Bryce and drive back across the country with him. I brought my PowerBook with me (naturally) as well as a QuickCam Pro USB webcam (never buy anything from Logitech) and on the drive west we recorded a fair amount of really low-quality digital video. This video sat on my hard drive for a while, then was dumped onto CDs, then buried in the closet and trucked from San Diego to San Francisco to Berkeley during my many moves. Recently (once I got the new laptop) I started reorganizing some of my old files and came across the video again. When iMovie 4 came out I dropped the clips into a project, and one night not too long ago I spent an hour and a half clipping and juggling the shots and arranging them with a bit of music and some titles. So without any further ado…

Video: Country Roads

A couple of notes: You’ll need to have QuickTime 6 installed because the video format is MPEG-4. The song is Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’ cover of John Denver’s “Country Roads”. The lines at the end are tough to read at web resolutions, I know.

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