February 5, 2004

Safari 1.2

A short list of the tiny changes to the latest delightful version of Safari:

  • In earlier versions, switching between the tabs and no-tabs modes would change the height of the window. The only workaround was to set the option to always show tabs. Now the window maintains its size.
  • Changes to the rendering engine brings font sizes inline with other popular web browsers.
  • The new smaller widgets for reduced size form items like buttons and checkboxes are excellent.
  • The CSS caching bug fixes make this and many other sites load faster.
  • Resumable downloads.

A fantastic, fantastic update. The OmniWeb 5 Beta brings some interesting new features to the table too.

[Nitpicky: Why, in the name of all that is holy and good, does Safari have to respond to window.open JavaScript requests with windows which are two pixels wider and one pixel taller than the size you specify? Why?!]

[Also: Apple responds to Safari complaints over at MacMinute. The “we can’t make our browser work with our old operating system” line sounds like the same crap Microsoft has been throwing at its customers for years.]

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