March 15, 2004

iPhoto Meltdown

My iPhoto database is corrupt. When I run iPhoto it crashes instantly and I’ve had no luck getting it to launch without losing all my database info such as film rolls and image rotation and so forth. Further, I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s had similar problems and been able to fix it. So frustrating.

[Update: I gave up trying to figure out which file was to blame for my shredded iPhoto library and have started to rebuild. I’m happy to see that there’s an iPhoto update available now which may prevent issues like the one I had.]

[ reader Mike Maskalans writes: “I had the exact same problem with iPhoto, under the same circumstances as your issue. I’m working with a small iPhoto library right now, thankfully. My testing indicates that deleting Thumb*.data files will likely bring iPhoto back to life. I also had already trashed the cache and prefs out of ~/Library, and haven’t bothered trying to restore them. It doesn’t seem that these Thumb files store anything useful: comments remain, rolls remain, albums remain.”]

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