March 15, 2004

SXSW04: Monday

Woke up and spent way too long trying to get checked out of the hotel. Never staying there again. Crashed the Hi-Fi CSS Design panel late and had to sit on the floor but it was good to listen to. Now we’re at Blogging Next listening to Anil Dash, Justin Hall, and Danah Boyd. Next: food.

We actually wound up at the Bloggies where Rachelle had agreed to accept some awards for Gothamist and Satan’s Laundromat if they should win. They didn’t, but we did get to see a bunch of people win and accept including Anil for Movable Type and Cory for Boing Boing (x3!). It was a short and sweet awards ceremony with a good sense of humor about itself. As it should be. Then there was food and one more opportunity to get online before heading back to the airport and our respective corners of the country.

Rachelle is blogging this whole trip as well and doing an infinitely better job than I am at taking photos. Check it out.

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