March 13, 2004


SXSW 2004

We’re in Austin for South by Southwest 2004.

My flight was great, unlike many of the other attendees from the Bay Area. I had a smooth ride to SFO on BART, an easy time getting through security, the flights departed and arrived on time, and I even caught the $.50 city bus to downtown Austin at the perfect moment. We went out after I checked in to the hotel (we’re not very impressed with the Crowne Plaza) to check-in to the conference, eat, and listen to some live music. The photo above is of a band called Household Names who played a great set at The Capital.

This morning we made it over to Kick for about a game and a half (go Team One!) before going to breakfast and over to the conference center. We caught Craig Newmark’s craigslist presentation. Craig takes Not Being Evil very seriously, and it was interesting to hear him expound on all the work he does behind the scenes to keep craigslist a thriving and valuable community. We hit up the Interactive Party in the evening but aside from ogling some of frog design’s work, it was kind of a bust.

Elsewhere: Joi Ito (we got told to unplug or we’d be fined, buncha jerks), Sam Ruby (meets Dave Shea (who provides hour-by-hour updates)), Matt Haughey (thank goodness I didn’t fly United), Anil Dash (Tabitha was just telling me a version of this joke the other day).

Tomorrow: So much more.

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