March 14, 2004

SXSW04: Day 2

The SXSWi 2004 Logo

10:00 a.m.: At the Revolutionary Search Technologies panel, Don Turnbull has just announced that we can plug in our laptops with out fear of financial reprisal. Viva la revolucion!

Marissa Mayer’s presentation was a pretty simple overview of Google’s products and services. One quote (paraphrasing), “We see search becoming as intelligent as the HAL 9000, but without killing people.” Nice.

I’ve bailed over to Technology and City Guides panel, mainly to meet Kevin and try to think about what should be done with Friscosity.

In short, I’m glad we’re not trying to be a city guide with Friscosity. I’m glad that it’s small, and overlooked, and has time to grow and evolve and be irrelevant for a while.

11:30 a.m.: We’re at the Moblog Nation panel now. Moblogging (for those who don’t know) tends to be posting photos and text from cellphones. The panel has set up a communal moblog for SXSW which has already aggregated some great experiences from around Austin.

A handful of other moblogging sites mentioned thus far: Kokochi, Hiptop Nation, WINKsite.

I’d love to see an app that tracks recently updated moblogs organized by physical location. A live listing of hot posts in the San Francisco area for example would be terribly interesting. You can get the temporal data from technologies like syndication or ping services. And ICBM data would support the location aspect. Sort of a World As A Blog-style model.

12:45 p.m.: Lunch across the street at the Hyatt. Took way too long. Good tortilla soup.

2:00 p.m.: We’re now watching today’s keynote with’s Zack Exley and Eli Pariser. They’ve covered how they got started, how they enable people to get connected and organized, and what they’re doing to bring people into the political process. They also let the organizer of VoterVirgin up to do a one-minute keynote on her organization. Good stuff.

3:15 p.m.: Waiting for the WikiWhat panel to get started. Ruby is discussing the Atom wiki, there’s a lot of disucssion on the markup language obstacle, not a lot of vision as to how wikis will become valuable in a mainstream sense. (Much later: Ruby proposes working on an import/export protocol for Wikis.)

5:00 p.m.: Finally, we hung out for the Replacing Billboard, Bestseller Lists and Editors With Robots panel and listened to Bausch, Marlow, and Benson speak about their various projects and the challenges of aggregating and making sense of peoples’ shared interests. Once again I can’t help but think that tagging blogs and posts with GPS-style data would be immensely fascinating.

Evening: Back to the hotel room where instead of preparing for another night out on the town I promptly passed out in a heap and slept for a good 12+ hours. =-)

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