May 5, 2004

One Twizzler Over the Line

A San Francisco Bay Area sunset.

Bryce, Art, Rob, Nick, and Justin whisked me off to Yosemite this past weekend for a bit of a bachelor party. An obscene amount of junk food was consumed. A good time was had by all. I have some excellent friends, and brothers.

The photo on this entry was not taken this weekend but rather this evening. At about eight o’clock, on 880, near the Maze, at about 80 mph, facing West, obviously.

[Forgive me a few FUDs: Mac OS X may get a metadata-rich filesystem before Windows, Longhorn evokes comparisons to Apple’s Aqua interface, and it’s rumored to have ridiculous hardware requirements. (For the sake of comparison, Panther runs beautifully on a 4.5-year-old PowerMac.)]

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