May 7, 2004


I walked into a conference room today. There were balloons. And a cake. And a gift on the table. I realized these things were there but somehow I scooted them off to the edges of my perception and busied myself with the process of reconnecting my laptop to the office’s wireless network before the meeting started. Minutes passed. The room was filling up with people, I was having trouble with my computer, Mena looked at me and asked, “Are you not aware that all this is for you?”

I was not. =-)

My coworkers threw me a very nice little party with a delicious cake and a thoughtful gift. And I think if they hadn’t explicitly stated so, I would have never realized it was for me. Heh. Very much appreciated.

[Elsewhere: Mie’s party post, complete with phobia confessions and photos. (Why do I wear that red shirt? I look humongous in that shirt.)]