August 10, 2004

Since someone asked...

I got a note recently asking whether this site is entirely powered by Movable Type, whether the forums are a Movable Type plug-in, and whether the templates are published somewhere. The short answer to all three questions is no, but here’s a little more detail.

Only the main weblog is using the Movable Type engine, the rest of the site is powered clunky old PHP code I wrote myself. That includes the forums, the photos (which are coming back, I swear), the links, the DVDs section (shudder), the profiles and user accounts, and all the static stuff. (There is even some snippets of PHP littering the MT templates.) All this old stuff has been horribly neglected and will probably continue to languish for a while longer. Change happens slowly at this site these days. My focus has been posting as regularly as possible to the weblog and links, taking photos, and occasionally tinkering with the design.

I haven’t bothered to share the templates as they still rely on a bunch of stuff I’ve written myself and wouldn’t do anyone any good if they tried to drop them into their MT installation. I’m happy to answer any specific questions about how the site is built.

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