September 11, 2005

My Kingdom for a Bench

Thursday we jumped back on the train and zipped down to Worthing where we saw the Channel from a distance, went for a walk in the countryside, ate lunch in a little town at a little pub next to a little church, went careening up and down and unpaved road on a back of an open lorry while blackberry vines whipped and smacked us in the head. It was fantastic.

The following day was spent mostly at the British Museum where I almost passed out from Overabsorption of Priceless Artifacts Syndrome (OPAS). It’s a serious disease. Particularly in that museum.

Saturday Tab split for the British Library while I set off on one of my patent-pending six and a half hour hikes around the city which took me by Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street (and hence, yes, the Apple Store), Oxford Street, the Bank of England/Royal Exchange/Threadneedle Street area (I’m neck deep in the Stephenson trilogy, I had to go), the Museum of London, the Tate Modern museum, the Eye ferris wheel, and back up the long Westminster Bridge/Victoria Street walk to our hotel.

Today was laundry day but we also walked around Hyde Park (hat tip: Rob), ate a huge lunch, ran a couple of other errands, and did quite a bit of walking around the city. I’m becoming a big fan of avoiding the Underground as much as possible. It’s too stuffy. More soon.

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