September 17, 2005

Sheep Country

Monday we went back to Hyde Park in much sunnier weather and took a spin on the lake in a paddle boat. Then we rushed back to the hotel room and got all dressed up for our tour of the Houses of Parliament. Tab’s got an “inside connection” who was good enough to take us all over both Houses (they’re between sessions at the moment) which was really quite cool. The next day we left London from Paddington Station and zipped off to Bath where we stayed just two nights. We spent one day seeing as much as we could (the Baths, the city, clotted cream tea, etc.). The following morning we jumped on another train and zipped up North to Penrith where we caught a bus to Keswick. Yesterday we went on a pretty exhausting hike in the hills (steep hills) around Derwentwater Lake and today we’ve been taking it a bit easier (laundry, seeing the town, snacking.)

There are sheep, everywhere. :)

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