July 27, 2006

And a pony...

What am I hoping for from Mac OS X 10.5 you ask?* Let’s see…

  • Speed. I’m hoping overall snappiness and zero pinwheeling were core goals of this release.
  • High-Resolution Interface. Do it Apple. Be the first. Blow our minds.
  • Finder. There are tons of great ideas floating throughout the internet for what do do with the Finder. I won’t reiterate them here.
  • Mail. Ever since I upgraded to 10.4.7, Mail crashes all the time when I’m deleting junk messages. That needs to stop. Otherwise, new toolbar button icons so we can all shut up and move on.
  • Safari. I’m hoping Safari has some gold-standard standards support up their sleeves. Also, some way of indicating download progress without popping up that obnoxious window.
  • iChat. Tabs, tabs, tabs. Ooh, and the ability to broadcast all or part of my screen rather than iSight video during a chat.
  • Address Book. There are things that irk me about Address Book but on the whole I’m happy with it.
  • iCal. I want that goddamn drawer to die.
  • Preview. I love you Preview. You saved PDF. Never change.
  • Boot Camp. Short of the ability to run Internet Explorer on a Mac without having to pay for Windows I couldn’t care less about Boot Camp, Parallels, or any other technology that enables me to run software I hate on the platform I love.

* No one asked. (Sniff!)

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