July 19, 2006


Angry Fuzzball

We gave our cat its first bath last Saturday. She was not amused. Right off the bat there was a lot of scrambling and yowling. As always, however, she refrained from any hissing or scratching. And once it became clear to her that our intention wasn’t to drown her in the bath water, she relaxed quite a bit. She did insist on keeping at least one but preferably both front paws firmly clawed around the edge of the tub just in case it became necessary to execute some kind of gymnastic feline freedom lunge.

On the whole, the procedure was a complete success and we suspect she can’t wait until her next bath. :)

Note: I would like apologize for this completely cat-centric post. (Complete with photo!) We’ll return to our regular internet-loving, Apple-drooling, site-tweaking, program in short order.

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