March 17, 2010

Avatar Disc Release Date Logic

Avatar is coming to Blu-ray on April 22 rather than waiting until the holiday shopping season:

Why not wait until the most propitious time of year to release such a monster title in order to maximize sales? Because it would be against the law in France to wait beyond June 1. And if you release it in France, under EU rules, you’ve effectively released it throughout the EU. And if you release it in the EU, you’ve effectively released it throughout Blu-ray’s Region B, which includes Africa and the Middle East as well as Australia and New Zealand, where they speak a version of English. And if you’re going to release a movie with an English soundtrack in Region B, you might as well release it in Region A, which includes the United States, because it’s going to end up on the Internet sooner or later, probably sooner.

Welcome to life under France’s new three-strikes regime.

via The Media Wonk ← via Jonathan Anderson ← via Chris Messina ← via mastooo ← via Yann

Craziness. Still, I’m looking forward to getting Tabitha’s take on Avatar. Thanks France!