March 19, 2010



I’m a couple generations behind on the NikePlus experience, so I plugged it in this morning to see how it had evolved. The iPhone app and web dashboard are completely new to me, and entirely for the better.


I totally agree! I haven’t been running for the past couple of years, either, but I started up again a couple of weeks ago, just casually, and NikePlus has gotten even better than it used to be.


Nike+ is phenomenal and probably my favorite new feature of the iPhone 3GS. I’ve been using it at the gym for a little while and it’s been a lot of fun to track my progress. And, since it can be configured to automatically update Twitter it’s easy to include those updates in my little Microfeed project. :)

Over time I’ve accumulated a bunch of little accessories including the sensor, a sensor case so I don’t have to buy special shoes, an armband, and some control-less earphones (sweat unfortunately wreaks havoc with Apple earphone controls).

The last one is a little unfortunate as it’s a huge pain to adjust the volume or change tracks without earphone controls but I haven’t found a better solution for this yet. If you’ve got one, please let me know.

I also want to try RunKeeper at some point. I’ve heard good things.

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